We offer some additional services to improve your web site or hosting experience. Please select any you'd like to order below.

Website promotion to get free visitors

To get your site ranked well in search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo you need to build your online reputation. The way this is done is by getting other websites to refer to you in their pages.

There are many ways to do this while your site is getting established. (blog commenting, article submission etc). We have recruited and trained teams of search engine optimizers who can do this process for you.

Our basic package is sufficient for most niche sites and costs £99.99 a month.

(Please note that organic search engine promotion takes time and is not a quick route to visitors)

£99.99 every month *

Need Visitors Fast?

Search engines and large websites offer companies the opportunity of displaying your website and being charged per visitor that clicks through. This is called 'Pay Per Click' Advertising.

If you have a product or service you are looking to sell this can be an effective way to market.

We can research the words and phrases your buyers are searching and then develop a strategy to get conversions through paid traffic.

Our fees are dependent on the size of the campaign required- and therefore the amount of time and work involved. Our retainer fee is £199 per month. This is sufficient for most businesses but if you require hundreds of keywords and daily monitoring we will negotiate a price with you.

Please order this package and if we feel our fees will be higher than the £199 we will talk through with you shortly.

£199.00 every month *